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Good Rabbit Habbitat

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Good Rabbit Habbitat

Postby FireCloud » Sat May 07, 2011 9:44 pm

I have a moderate sized "briar patch" at the south end of my land which has always been attractive to a rabbit or two. The wild roses and associated running thorn branches are everywhere, overgrowing even up into a couple of small pines. The original source for this wild rose bramble patch is a single rose bush growing up a very old wire picket fence, likely from an old house site. Here is a photo of the patch.

- 011.jpg

There is also some lezpedeza and vetch growing in the adjoinging small, level open field area.

- 015.jpg

I'd like any thoughts of how to best preserve the natural wild roses, vetch, lezpedesa, and wild blackberrries growing in this area as food for the various forms of birds and small animals while controlling the vegatation growth. I don't want the area to revert back to an overgrown state which it will quickly do. But I also don't see any real benefit in cutting it all down as there is not any decent pasture grass or anything else for the wildlife underneath.

I am thinking of cutting swaths about 4 or 5 feet wide in a non-linear pattern through the area and thus leaving some similar sized swaths containing the natural vegatation. If I cut the swaths in a "three year rotation" pattern, that would allow some of the vegatation to grow for three years until it was then cut and allowed to start over. The two year vegatation strips would then have another year to grow before being cut and the one year strips would have two more years to grow. Maybe around the edges here and there plant some sunflowers or other food sources.

I want to create a diversity of food sources to attract many kinds of wildlife to my land. What do you think? Will this plan work, or is there a better way?
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Re: Good Rabbit Habbitat

Postby huntall » Sun May 08, 2011 11:54 am

I would do the 3 year rotation cycle thing. That is exactly what I am
going to do on my place. That will always give great young
vegitation and cover for lots of wildlife! This will be my first time trying it,
but I think its got to do great that way!
The area I have is 3 one acre spots that is growing up in weeds and
briars that im going to work into a rotation growth habbitat.
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