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Salt Lick

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Salt Lick

Postby beartrackfarms » Fri Jul 13, 2007 10:36 pm

Hey guys, haven't posted on here lately...honestly been to lazy to login. Anyways, I am headed to our land north of Vicksburg tomarrow to start a new salt lick in a little hot spot that I have found. My plans are to get about 200 pounds of corn and then sprinkle a Bag of Deer Cane Black Magic on top so the deer will get a little flavor of the Deer Cane and hopefully it will keep raining and the majority of the Deer Cane will leech into to soil and start a mineral lick. (Basically I am using corn as an accelerant for my salt lick) I figure that when they know about he corn and taste the Deer Cane, and then when the season hits and they come check for more corn and it isn't there but that intoxicating aroma of that new flavor they have been tasting is still there they should figure it all out. Do any of ya'll have any experience with any Deer Cane products?? If so I would love some feedback. Also, does this sound like a solid idea, mixing corn with what I ultimately want the deer to be eating? Thanks

Postby gtk » Sun Jul 15, 2007 7:53 pm

honestly, its a little late in the year to be starting a salt lick (at least up here thats the way it works). I always had the heaviest salt-lick usage from June till late September..

I have used the deer-cane stuff before, and whatever it is made up of, the deer absolutely love... I mixed deer-cane on top of my salt lick to get it started..

Mixing it with corn never did work for me. I poured bag after bag of corn out, and never got the first deer to eat it :? I got plenty of pics of crows & squirells, but the deer just walked on by .. guess they werent hungry enough.
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