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Button Buck study

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Button Buck study

Postby gtk » Wed Mar 01, 2006 8:20 am

This is some good reading...


Some tidbits from the article:
The Holzenbein study monitored 34 buck fawns divided into two groups — 19 that were left with their mothers (non-orphans) and 15 whose mothers were harvested or removed (orphans). The results were surprising.
By 30 months of age, 87 percent of the non-orphans had dispersed from their birth areas, but only nine percent of the orphans had left theirs. In addition, the non-orphans died at more than twice the rate of the orphans.

It is believed that dispersal in young male whitetails (and many other mammals) may be a mechanism to prevent inbreeding.
Given that the average dispersal distance of young bucks in these studies was 1-4 miles, this means that even properties 3,000 acres and larger are potentially losing the majority of the button bucks produced on their properties. To a large degree, protecting button bucks on your property increases the number of bucks for the "neighborhood," but may do little to increase the number that will mature on your property.

They found that dispersers were more likely to associate with other yearling bucks and participate in breeding season behaviors more often than non-dispersers.
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Postby nobucks » Wed Mar 01, 2006 2:35 pm

That is some good to know stuff there gtk.I see a lot of small bucks on our place from year to year and could not figure out where they were going from year to year.
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