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Back To The Beaver Pond

Postby FireCloud » Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:51 pm

Late this evening I decided to get some exercise and walk up the beaver pond to check whether or not there was any evidence of beaver activity after I eliminated one beaver three weeks ago. I discovered no attempt had been made to rebuild the dam where I had breached one side of it. A lot of the water has drained from the pond with the overall level down close to two feet. Here is a "before" photo of the pond on June 13.

- 270.jpg

And here is a shot of the pond as it is today, July 18 for comparison.

- 083.jpg

If there are any beavers still using this pond, they are too lazy to rebuild the dam. Or because I kept tearing the dam apart and of course killing one of the beavers that may have been "assigned" to keep this dam repaired, they may have decided to abandon this dam. Here is a shot of the dam as it looks today.

- 084.jpg

I did venture upstream a good distance and discovered a staging area used to drag limbs into the water. At that area I noted one or two remaining stubs of cut saplings that looked fresher than three weeks old, making me believe there could be another beaver in the area. My guess is the beavers may have come a good distance downstream to build this lower dam in order to create a larger channel of water in which to float limbs up or downstream as needed. I am thinking there may be a much larger, main dam with a full beaver colony somewhere further upstream.

One reason I think that may be the case is that we had a good, heavy rain yesterday but the water flow going over the lower dam is just a trickle. Since this broken lower dam is not really holding the water back, I believe that a larger beaver dam upstream is blocking the flow before it gets to this lower dam.

Any of you beaver experts know if beavers typically build a series of dams on a creek? If so, how far apart do beavers usually build their dams? Do you think the beavers may have abandoned this dam?
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