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Lime question #2

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Lime question #2

Postby glenn » Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:40 am

I put out some pelletized lime yesterday on my plots. The problem is I can't get a buggy to most of them with a truck and don't have access to a large enough tractor to pull one in. Besides that I wouldn't want to run the risk of sinking it in the creek I have to cross.

Now my question. I have been told that pelletized lime only needs to be spread at a rate of about 30% of what powder ag lime does. in other words 300 lbs of pellets would do what 1000lbs of powder would do. Is this true? I can't wrap my mind around the logic of this concept because to me 1000lbs of lime is 1000 lbs of lime. I put it out at about a 50% rate. Do I need to go back and do it again?
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Re: Lime question #2

Postby lugnutzz » Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:25 pm

from what i have seen and heard.. pellet lime acts quicker but doesnt last as long or change ph as dramaticly as does true ag lime... pellet lime is a band-aid approach to a place that needs stitches to fix the problem..


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Re: Lime question #2

Postby BigRic » Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:12 pm

Pelletized lime is finely ground limestone, which is made into small pellets for broadcasting with conventional fertilizer equipment. Because pelletized lime is relatively expensive per ton, it is applied at lower rates (<300 lbs/acre) as compared to recommended rates of agricultural lime. A “1:10 ratio” rule of thumb has been promoted for comparing the short-term neutralizing effectiveness of pelletized lime to agricultural lime. (Example: if a soil test recommends the ENM equivalent of 2000 lbs of agricultural lime per acre apply 200 lbs of pelletized lime/acre). Most farmers realize that pelletized lime is not a long-term “fix”, but expect it to reduce soil acidity to tolerable levels for one year.

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