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How are the plots looking now?

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How are the plots looking now?

Postby huntall » Sun Dec 05, 2010 1:52 pm

Did yalls plots finally turn out fine after the early drout? Mine are finally looking good over the last couple of weeks. You could not tell we had a drout by looking at the plots this week. 2 weeks ago I was thinking they were not going to look that good this year but the rain in the last few weeks really helped them out.
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Re: How are the plots looking now?

Postby terry08 » Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:10 pm

Did not get mine planted, and it is showing. No deer on my place at all. I have never seen it like this in 12 years.

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Re: How are the plots looking now?

Postby FireCloud » Sun Dec 05, 2010 7:51 pm

My plot is a work in progress. I planted a small section the first week of November after the rains finally came in late October and the first few days of November. Prior to that time, it was impossible to plant anything due to the long drought that had robbed all moisture from the soil.

I did apply 280 pounds of lime to the plot back in September and the few sprinkles we got now and then might have been enough to activate the lime by the time I planted. Since I was past the optimum planting dates for some of the seeds in the mixture of Bob oats, Austrian winter peas, Elbon rye, winter wheat, and purple top turnips, I did not get the germination I really hoped to get. The Bob oats pretty much failed to germinate very much and what did germinate just did not get enough of a start before the freezes hit. I think the oats are done.

The elbon rye however has germinated pretty well and is growing ok. The Austrian Winter peas also germinated fairly well and are growing decently too. However, the deer are mowing both of them down rather heavily since the portion of the plot I got planted was so small.

The winter wheat has not done well. Whatever germinated did not get sufficient growth before the freezes arrived and made the wheat go dormant until spring. I am hopeful at least some of the wheat will overwinter and green up early in the spring. The purple top turnips have germinated well but may also have been stunted a little by the freezes however they are still growing. Hopefully they will at least produce some forage even if the turnips don't make.

I have continued to work on the remainder of the plot by raking, preparing, and planting more sections of the plot when I have had some free time on a decent day. Basically, I have managed to plant another secion about every 10 days, including one section planted today. Given the late planting, I don't expect much in the way of good results, however every section I have planted has continued to germinate and grow so far. The expanded area and new growth is taking some of the deer pressure off the first section and that is helping it to get a little ahead of the browsing.

All in all, it is looking decently green everywhere I have planted but it is still thin and skimpy in spots. It is serving its purpose well, as the plot is full of tracks. However, the deer are NOT visiting the plot in the daylight. I have my game camera out there and it is not getting any daytime pics of deer. And on the days when I hunt there I am also not seeing any deer during daylight. But at least the deer are getting the nutrition and there is no sense in letting the seed go to waste.

By spring, I should be able to cut under any of the remaining growth and plant a good spring plot. It was a lot of work clearing trees and brush to literally cut a 20 yard by 40 yard food plot out of a forest but I am very happy with how it has done so far.

Here is a photo taken 11/14, showing the front section just after germination. The middle section was prepared for planting and the rear section had not yet been raked or planted.

- 452.jpg
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Re: How are the plots looking now?

Postby gtk » Mon Dec 06, 2010 3:30 pm

i planted corn this year, and it is the ugliest corn with the smallest ears I have ever seen.. It didn't even make enough to feed the birds :cry:
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