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Confidence Is Back

PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 9:39 am
by terry08
After taking two does, one with out a pic and the other with pic. I have regained my confidence in myself and my trusty 45/70. But now I am wondering about the two bucks I think I missed.

Every deer I have shot with the 45/70 have dropped dead in their tracks, but the doe I took Sat ran about 50 yds. and then fell dead. I thought I had missed again the way she bolted she showed no sign of being hit, it just so happened she ran in open woods and I was able to keep her in the scope and watch her fall. The shot was a little high but busted the heart and exited the front shoulder. The two bucks I think I missed bolted in the same way. Now I am wondering if I really missed them, as they both ran into thicket which I could not keep them in the scope. I did search the thicket to no avail. But they could have ran out the back onto adjoining property. I watched the skies for buzzards for several days and seen none. I sure hope I missed cause I can't even stand to think I wounded one and he ran off to die.

Any way two in three days has given me my confidence back.