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Hunted all last week

PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 9:44 pm
by gtk
Got a lot of posts to catch up on..

Saw a few, let several walk while waiting on a decent buck. Only hunted one time on our place that I didn't see a deer. Bro & Nephew actually saw turkeys!

Hunted Ripley with the wifes family Fri eve & Sat morn, didn't see anything.. Got to the woods 6:30ish Sat morn, and I had left Warren's bullets back at the in-laws house. :bash: Had to rush back to the house to get his bullets. Warren's hunting bug has just about left... He said he was through getting up early, and he would just hunt afternoons for the rest of the year ..

Fri evening in Ripley, Warren & I went to the cousin-in-laws (jellyhead) cabin outside of ripley, and they really cooked up a good mess of fried quail and some of the best white-gravy & biscuits I have had in a long time.. Thanks Jellyhead! warren and I enjoyed it.