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Two week update

Whats happening in your neck of the woods ?

Two week update

Postby Rajun cajun » Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:05 pm

Have killed three does and the eight point.

Came in today to bring all the meat I had processed to my freezer. Heading back this evening to get back at it again till Sunday.

Have a monster with a huge weird rack I am after. He will weigh over 230 and is probably 6 1/2 years old. Got him two nights on camera at my feeder in early October.

He showed back up on camera last week.

I have been hunting him since season opened. Each hunt is a piece of the puzzle. I finally put it all together and found where he is constantly traveling and a creek crossing he is using.

Hunted him yesterday afternoon and I had a doe and spike feeding on acorns 5 feet from the tree I was in. They fed for 20 minutes before easing on.

Stayed in the climber long after dark as he came through about 10 minutes after dark and did not want to spook him.

Woke up to misting rain, suited up and was in my climber over an hour before daylight. Cloudy and rain meant daylight would be slow arriving.

He came through 15 minutes before shooting light. He got in the creek and went up it about 20 yards. Through my scope I could make the white of his right rack, but could not see him at all.

If he repeats his schedule on a clear day I will have enough light to shoot him.

He was oblivious to my presence.

Conditions were perfect and the wind from the south. I have to relocate tomorrow as a front is blowing in from the North.

This deer has about 7 points on one side with stickers and his rack is about 2 foot tall.

Both G-1's are split and he has a third G-1

His left main beam does not go all the way around, it forks on the end and each tine on the fork is 8 inches.

Deer of lifetime around here. Has lots of palmation on his right mainbeam.

Not sure how many scoreable points he actually has considering all the stickers.

Hopefully he will get stupid this week as the bucks just started smelling and scrapes showed up two days ago.

They are rutting hard everywhere in a 10 mile radius of us. Ours are just a couple of weeks behind for some reason.

Have another decent buck patterned but I want this weird rack buck really bad...............

Will update everyone Sunday when I get back. 4 more days to go................ still have weekends till Jan 31 though.
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