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Public Hunting Land in North Tishomingo?

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Public Hunting Land in North Tishomingo?

Postby DGK30 » Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:35 pm

I was told that there is some public land or State land that anyone is allowed to hunt and the land is between the Divide section WMA and 350 in Iuka. By the looks of where it was explained to me, its somewhere within county roads 363, 356, 342, abd 324. If you look on google maps it was explained to me that County road 356 is at the north end of it, CR 324 is on the south end, and CR342 to the East and CR 363 to the west. Is anybody familiar with this area? Is there really some public land here? I am renting at Pickwick Pines resort and would like a place to hunt nearby. I am hunting the waterway WMA a bit as well. Thanks all for any input.
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