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bow hunting then and now

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bow hunting then and now

Postby bigsteve » Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:50 am

when i started bow hunting at age 15 some 47 years ago i got my inspiration to try the sport from fred bear on the old american sportsman show he , howard hill and tom jennings. i got me a ben pearson fiberglass long bow and a hand full of arrows i was ready to go it was a long learning expierence i hunted 11 years befire arrowing a deer . upgraded my bow to a bear kodiac magnum never killed a deer with that bow when compounds first hit the market they were heavy had a bunch of wheeld and cables on them but were atleast an improvement over a recurve or long bow having 30% letoff i bought a browning cobra 50# just a 2 wheel bow with a wooden riser installed sights sometiing i had never used before that time i could actually hit the hay bale every time . with that bow i made my first bow kill . a fine spike buck does were illegal to kill.from that time on i kept up with the progression of compound bows i would kill atleast one deer a year with my bow in 1978 i moved to north alabama and joined the muscle shoals archery club and started shooting 3d tournaments in the summer alabama supported one of the largest deer herds in the south and allowed a deer a day bucks and does with archery tackle with about 200.000 acres of wmas within 50 miles from my house i was in heaven did not gun hunt for many years.the deer herd was growing year after year but the bucks we killed were spikes and 4 pts no big deer on nov 13 th 1994 i took my first good buck a wide 6 pt wow man i was pumped finally a big buck with a bow .the deer herd was getting better then came deer management alabama put a 3 point rule on their wmas a deer had to have 3 points on a side to be legal we thought this is the end of buck hunting with a bow having killed only 1 deer that qualifyed in my life i was crushed . still bow hunted but not as hard as i did in the past. i shot my last 3 d tournament in 1997 . bow hunting was taking a turn and getting more popular tv shows showing big deer taken regulary with archery tackle the bow hunting boom was on the bow battles began making bows more hunter friendly 80% letoff ,super straight arrows bows, that shoot 300 fps and faster range finders . and deer getting to maturity . it wasn't till i retired that i actually went back to bow hunting all season with all this time on my hands it wasn't a problem to tag out with my gun so i would kill my bucks with a rifle then doe hunt with my bow . 7 years ago i started hunting arkansas with one of my hunting partners retired too i got him into bow hunting about 25 years ago adding a few more tags to fill this was a turning point in my bow hunting again deer management on thes wmas had created a bonanza in deer numbers the woods were full of them.my bucks went from spikes and 4 pts to 8 points because you had to let the little ones walk this is when i realized you could take a mature buck with a bow today bow hunting with the equiptment and the deer herd as it stands can only get better . man i sure love it it has came a long way over the years can't wait to see where it goes from here. just hope the good lord sees fit for me to be able to hunt this pic is the first good buck i killed with my bow in 94 this year every deer i killed was bigger than him. :ylsuper: :ylsuper:
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Re: bow hunting then and now

Postby gtk » Wed Jan 08, 2014 7:55 am

Good read.. btw, i still have my fourwheeler like that :)

Killing any deer with archery in the late 70's was an accomplishment to be proud of (it still is)..

I went to Muscle Shoals several times in the late 70's & early 80's.. My great aunt used to live on the banks of the TN river, right by a big water tower... I used to love going to visit her...
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Re: bow hunting then and now

Postby deepwaterwolf » Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:04 pm

Great read

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Re: bow hunting then and now

Postby chadbragg » Thu Jan 09, 2014 9:54 pm

I still have my 1988 300 fourtrax. Best wheeler ever made!
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