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OPening day hunt

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OPening day hunt

Postby Rajun cajun » Mon Mar 26, 2007 6:49 pm

Well Saturday was opening day down here in La.

I went with a friend who has been seeing a bunch of gobblers in a cow pasture. He set up his ground blind in the edge of some pine/hardwoods on the fence row of the field.

We hunted till noon there. I called about every 20 minutes and around 10:30 had two hens and a gobbler coming from across this 150 acre pasture, heading to us.

When they got about 200 yards out the landowner decided at that time to drive into the field and check his cows! Needless to say the birds took off like they were on fire.

We wanted to run and gun birds but I just don't have the energy for that much walking.

One of our friends was hunting further back on my friends lease and had three gobbling at him. He finally took a shot on one but in the excitement of his first turkey hunt, he mistook 60 yards for 30! Bird safely walked away then trotted off!

Another guy killed a monster bird across the road by the river. Over 20 lbs, 11.5 inch beard and 1 3/8 spurs.

My freind went back Sunday Morning (while I was at church) and hunted a small foodplot of his. He killed one with 8.5 inch beard and 7/8 inch spurs.

I was gonna hunt this Saturday but my daughter and son-in-law are coming to town for the gun show so he can buy my grandson a 7mm-08 for this next deer season.

May get to hunt Sunday after church some!

Hope everyone has some luck and gets a big bird!
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