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Saw a HUGE gobbler today

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Saw a HUGE gobbler today

Postby Rajun cajun » Sun Apr 08, 2007 6:33 pm

My wif4e and I rode to Woodville MS to check out some stuff on the new lease.

Trying to find the additional campground, I turned down a wrong road.

We came up on a curve on the gravel road and there goes a BIG tom! I turned the curve and he was on side of the road.

He was about 25 yards in the woods, standing on the bank of a creek, looking at the truck!

I opened the door on my side and stepped out like I was going to shoot him. Had I took my shotgun out of the truck I could have killed him DEAD!

He turned and flew across the creek, landedm then ran up a ridge.

Naturally it was not on our lease nor did I have my MS turkey tags.

He had a beard about 11 inches long and probably weighed close to 20 pounds.

Next year I will be working on them hard on our lease!
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