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Team 4 is on da board!

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Team 4 is on da board!

Postby Rajun cajun » Sun Mar 16, 2008 7:03 pm

The weekend started off slow! I had to drive my wife to New Orleans airport and be there for 5 AM.

I then drove back to Baton Rouge, loaded up my 4-wheeler and gear, hit WALMART for video tapes, and headed to the camp!

When I got to Woodville I cut over to Marks camp and met him and his Dad.

I went to my camp and started unloading, connected my water (we are now on city water!) Got my stuff together and Mark showed up to be cameraman.

We hunted from around 2PM in an area I knew had some birds. NOTHING! Wind was blowing extremely hard and it was bumping 80 degrees.

3 hours or so of sitting with no action made us rethink things. We broke down the decoys and then walked a bunch of ridges, calling and checking out areas.

I found an area I knew birds had been roosting all deer season and we found some good spots to set up.

Circling back around we got on the main ridge and listened for birds going up on the roost and never heard any. We headed back to the camp.

Today (Sunday) Mark showed up at 5:30 AM. My alarm clock did not go off! Got dressed and had our gear lined out.

We went back to the main ridge and I owl hooted and got a bunch of owls fired up in the area. NO GOBBLES..... we worked our way back around to the good set ups we had found. Mark called but no answer.

When we got up on the ridge I hit my slate with some raspy yelping......
a good bird FIRED IT UP about 150 yards from us up the ridge!

It was thick between us and the bird and gobbled for two hours back and forth....either hung up on coming down the ridge finger to us, or henned up.

THEN.......Mark was next to me kneeling with the camera when a Jake popped up on top of the ridge 10 feet from us! It headed to the decoy and the head of another gobbler came up over the edge........they were IN OUR LAPS!

The Jake spooked on the decoy and turned and putted....the other bird left putting also........it turned out both were jakes!

Mark could not move the camera on them as the second bird was right next to him!

They putted down the ridge, across the bottom, up the other ridge that tied into the one the gobbling bird was on.

Things got REALLY QUIET after that! We stayed there for about 45 minutes and had no answers to our calling, we made a game plan.

We broke down and sneaked off the ridge, crossed a super deep and steep banked creek (RAVINE FROM HELL), crawled up a ridge and worked our way to the far end of the ridge the gobbling bird had been on.

We set up the decoys and sat at the base of an oak tree that was about 3 feet across. I hit the slate and he gobbled about 100 yards away on the ridge!

I waited about 5 minutes and called again.....BAM ...he was closer and HOT!

I layed off the calling for about 15 minutes, I was thinking he would come along the ridge in the clear woods, I hit the call again with a rapid yelp and he cut me off with his gobbling!

But he was coming in behind and left of me.....and was about 25 yards!

I told Mark not to move but to leave the camera running..he would have to turn to his left, kneel and try to film over my shoulder..... and the bird was to close to even try that!

I twisted hard to my left and got my gun up when I saw his red head poke through the brush....he had come in through a thicket!

He took two more steps, stopped and turned his head and I dropped in his tracks! He did not flop once, he just lay there with his wings quivering!

He was at 15 steps when I shot him with Ithaca 3 inch magnum! I had purposely held low on his neck and to the side a litte so I would not shoot his head off!

This was a special bird for me! I have killed three turkeys previously, but either had someone calling or I was calling with them!

Every other bird I had ever called in, I never got a shot on.

I called this one all morning and brought him in to spitting distance!

It was equally special because I had a good friend with me during the whole thing!

Weight 20 pounds even

Left spur: 13/16 of an inch

Right spur: 13/16 of an inch

Longest hair on beard: 9 inches

Cant get pics to upload......

Will email them to the admin.....please edit and post?
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Re: Team 4 is on da board!

Postby mhn » Sun Mar 16, 2008 7:14 pm

Way to go Rajun saw it on the jump :ylsuper:
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