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Your first bird

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Your first bird

Postby turrettoad13 » Fri Jan 30, 2009 6:23 am

Lets start up a first bird thread . This is how I got my first and only one so far .
This hunt has a pretty good story with it so bear with me . Well this hunt was a roller-coaster ride . I got this one March 27th 2007 . After a couple of spot-and stalks that came up empty , I started to slip around the woods a bit . I spotted a flock out in a field that was headed south , so I cut back into the tree line and kept tabs on them . After about 100 yards of this luck turned my way , or so I thought .... A helicopter was going by and the toms started to shock gobble , so while they were standing there I eased up to the tree line . After I pulled a quick peek to see at least 5 turkeys in the field . I then low crawled up to a small tree with a crook at just the right height for a shot . I laid the bead on the largest ones head and eased the saftey as I slowly squezzed the right trigger of the double barrell 12 guage I heard a click insted of the boom . I go from a full blown rush to complete panic . It seemed that some time during my stalk I had bumped the lever therefore interupting the firing pin . So at about 15 yards with 5 gobblers and about 6 or 7 hens I was the sudden center of attention . Then it really gets good - I open the breech and drop BOTH SHELLS !!!! then about 1/2 the flock started to beat feet . So I scramble to re-load one shell and re-sight in on the one gobbler that stood there . After the smoke cleared this one was laying there flopping .He had a 9 3/4 inch beard and almost 1 inch spurs - no idea on weight . Thanks for letting me share this with ya'll . Toad


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Re: Your first bird

Postby gtk » Fri Jan 30, 2009 8:39 am

I was at Delta State in 1989. A friend from Utica, MS asked me to go turkey hunting with him.. His name was Jack, but can't remember his last name.

So we take off to Malmasion for an afternoon hunt. We get there, call a couple times, a turkey gobbled, I set up, and 5 min's later I had killed my first turkey. I thought, MAN, thats easy..

I ended up hunting another 4 years before killing another :)
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Re: Your first bird

Postby brewer03 » Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:23 am

I have been seriously hunting turkeys for the last 5 years... I have yet to get my first one but the last 3 years I have hunted turkeys with a bow only.... last year was the closest I have come to killing a bird with the bow.. I had a great gobblers within ten yards but I couldnt get my bow drawn because I had the shakes so bad... I did however pic up a piece of land this year that I regularly see turkeys on and I can hunt it with my shotgun sooo hopefully this will be the year
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Re: Your first bird

Postby merrillcd_mem » Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:56 am

I was around 13 or 14. A family friend took me on a youth hunt at Shelby Forest when I killed my first one. There were 6 Longbeards and a Jake strutting. I shot the jake :oops: :bash:
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Re: Your first bird

Postby Jellyhead » Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:47 am

First bird was a jake when I was in high school. My cousin called up a group of about 7 jakes and the first one to stick his head up got it... :)

The one I remember most was the first gobbler I called up on my own. It was about 2 weeks after I killed my first jake. There was a soybean field that he was going to every afternoon. The problem was when he got out there he would just stay in the middle of the field until time to fly to roost. The only thing out there was a TVA tower with no cover at all. Finally after 2-3 afternoons of sitting in the tree line watching him strut in the middle of the field, I decided to try sitting next to the tower. I grabbed up a few limbs to make a little cover and put a decoy out. The first time I hit the call he was about 400 yards in the timber. Within about 5 mins he was in the field and when he saw the decoy he strutted the whole way in. 21 lbs, 10" beard, 1" spur.
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Re: Your first bird

Postby jv » Fri Jan 30, 2009 1:42 pm

Well my first bird was a jake and still remember it today and think about how dumb of a hunter i was back then......man i didn't know anything much about turkey hunting but i was determined to go and so i did. Well like i said i knew nothing about turkeys or even how to hunt them......didn't know if i was suppose to set in a tree like deer hunting or sit on the ground but choose the ground. Anyway all i had was a old box call that was giving to me by a older hunter that said it had done him good for several years and if i killed a bird i could keep it. I practiced with that old box call for about 3 hours and said i think im ready LOL, would hate to know what i sounded like to the turkeys but there was these 3 jakes that came in probley to see what was wrong with that sick sounding hen or what had a hold of it. Now all i had was a old Remington sportmans 58 shotgun that shot only 2 3/4 in shells and i think i had # 6's and it had a mod. barrell. These 3 jakes got to within about 30 yards looking for this nearly dead sounding hen anyway when i shot this one bird was going crazy on the grouind flopping and careing on so i ran over to it and keep trying to pick it up.....that darn bird liked to beat me to dealth. Well i got it home and had not idea how to dress it so got this old hunter friend to show me how and he laughted the whole time as i told him about the hunt. That was about 35 years and many birds ago.....but still think im dumb when it comes to turkey hunting because on many of a day they have made a fool of me.....and will again im sure of.......and i can't wait.

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Re: Your first bird

Postby WGbuckfever » Sat Jan 31, 2009 12:32 am

I got my first bird just last year. I had been hunting for most of the morning in the early season and had not herd the first gobble. I was walking up to a sand ditch that runs threw our old club when four hens took off flying across the bean field, as I got closer to the ditch I could hear another bird running thew the thicket and was fixing to come out into the field. I had my gun up and ready when it popped out, I saw he had a rope and I put it to him. Good thing I was by myself because I was doing some kind of crazy dancing out in the middle of that field.

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Re: Your first bird

Postby loner » Tue Feb 03, 2009 3:40 pm

i took my first tom in 1967 in dallas county selma,al.i never took pics back then but started back in the 80s.
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Re: Your first bird

Postby beauxhunter » Wed Feb 04, 2009 8:52 am

Killed a jake for my first turkey. saw them running out of a field and into a patch of woods. I cut them off and they came up to me. Shot him about 15 yds.

My first gobbler was about 7 years ago. I was hunting a place in the afternoon. I walked into an open area that had big oaks surrounded by pine trees. I knew there had been some birds roosting there so I was gonna catch them before they came back to roost. I walked in and spooked them off the roost. This was about 3 hours before sunset and I thought my hunt was over. I decided to set up anyway. I called softly with a few purrs and stopped. About an hour later I hear a gobble. Within 45 minutes the bird came in and I shot him at 52 steps. He folded over backwards and never kicked. He had a 10 inch beard with 1 inch spurs.
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