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opening weekend

opening weekend

Postby lugnut » Fri Oct 24, 2008 6:36 am

season opened Oct 18 and i hunted a lok on stand that had been placed in Nov of 2007 and hunted once on the first day it was put up resulting in 1 doe harvest. the stand is in a stand of mature sand pines littered with persimons and small acorn bareing live oaks. on the south end of the stand are a stand of thined long leaf pines that are grown up in some sort of sage. to the north is a dense gawberry thicket. the west side of the pines are boardered by a road that marks the bondary of a closed area and there is no vehicle traffic allowed on the road. to the north is a bay loaded with acorns.

oct 18 (morning hunt)

weather: hi low 70s high 60s
low low 50s
wind: out of the north at 10-20

i got to my stand an hour before daylight. the cloth seat on this lock on stand tore completely off the stand forcing me to stand for most of the entire hunt. nothing was seen and i had to leave the area at 8:30 in order to take my dog to her vet appointment.

oct 18 (afternoon hunt)

weather and wind the same

i got to my stand at 3:15 and was settled in by 3:30. 1 deer was seen at 6:30 coming from the north and headed to the south. the deer was at a fast walk with his head to the ground. he walked past the persimons and stopped briefly to feed a couple of acorns. the deer never offered a shot and was at a distance of 35 yards. it was last light and all i could tell is that is was a buck and probably a cowhorn or had 3-4 points.

oct 19 (morning hunt)

weather same as on the 18th but winds were 10 to 15

i took my climber to the same general area but climbed along the back side of the longleaf pines next to the bay.

this place was loaded with acorns. all were live and pinn oaks. there were deer trails and lots of deer sign every where. i sat until 09:30 and nothing was seen.

i walked a new sand pine thicket on the other side of the bay and placed a trail camera. i also found a new place for another lok on stand. 1 deer was seen crossing the main road on the bike ride out to the truck. after looking at the track i determined it was a doe and she had a fawn with her.

i was not able to hunt on the afternoon of 19 oct due to it getting dark so late in the day. i stayed at home and helped the wife get the girls fed, bathed, and put to bed

oct 20 (mid day hunt)

i had to drop the daughter off at school on my day off so i wasn't able to hunt the morning.

weather same as oct 19

got into the lok on stand at 8:30 and sat until 12:00 noon. no deer were seen. i replaced the cloth seat on this stand with a board and zip ties. i ordered a new seat for the stand and will replace the board when it gets here.

placed a trail cam in front of this stand over a persimon tree. the persimons are dropping but i don't see any on the ground during morning hunts. i placed the cam to see what time the deer are feeding on the persimons.

that concludes my first week of the 2008/2009 florida season :welcome:
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