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The Doc's Day 4

Things only MHN could see & do

The Doc's Day 4

Postby mhn » Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:49 pm

Wed. Nov 12, temp mid 50's, bar.29.97. Me an Tad went to the whiteoak ridge and set up my lock on. Tad shot a groundhog that was obviously giving him bad vibes (think it just looked at him wrong) and I tried to get a large Bobcat to come into range, but he wasn't buying the fake dying rabbit squeel. Saw several does one was about 12in. from a fatal mistake but for some odd reason she turned an went back down the hill, Tad gave her a try but something got in the way of his arrow (pretty dark) there was a button buck and a small basket rack buck with them, but after Tad's attempt they moved on off over the ridge. Oh yeah almost forgot it rained!
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