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Lay over week Dec 3-7

Things only MHN could see & do

Lay over week Dec 3-7

Postby mhn » Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:38 am

Great weather all week cold and not too windy and mostly overcast. Stoped shooting does, and saw alot of little bucks chasing. Fri. morning had an emergecy bathroom call about 8:30 and got down to make it to the truck and saw a nice buck 140 150 class chasing 2 does and shot at him at 120 yards and made a clean miss, I was pretty torn up about it,but at least I didn't wound him. Thought my gun might have been off, that was not the case, dead on. Chalk it up to nerves, goes to show doesn't matter how many you've shot when a good one steps out it will rattle anyone. Only thing that matters is I got to spend alot of time in the woods :ylsuper:
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