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2008-11-23 Sunday

2008-11-23 Sunday

Postby gtk » Sun Nov 23, 2008 7:01 pm

Only hunted this evening, went to church this morning.

I get in the stand about 3:15, and immediately see a bobcat. Look again, and there are two ! One is a small kitten. I watch them for few minutes and they walk off.

Look up and see orange. :twisted: Some yahoo has walked in from the subdivision probably. He see's me and takes off running, I get down but can't catch him. :bash:

I get back in the stand, and see the momma bobcat come out on down the foodplot. Baby is nowhere to be seen. About 10 minutes later I see the momma come back, and she has a mouse in her mouth. The baby runs out of a thicket, and the momma drops the mouse, which isn't dead. The baby gives chase & plays with it in my wheat field food plot. VERY fun to watch. Wishing I had a video camera, or just a good digital camera with me. Baby quickly devours the mouse & starts stalking momma. They ease on off in a thicket not to return this evening.

No Deer seen all evening, probably because of the combination of trespassers, bobcats, and the guy on the edge of the property shooting his pistol about 100 times :roll: Ahhhh, the joys of hunting Desoto County !
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