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Postby gtk » Sat Nov 29, 2008 7:44 pm

Morning hunt, wind out of the East/South East. I hunted the box stand once again.

6:50, I have two full grown does with two yearling walk about 60 yards down the shooting lane.. Why can't they do that when I have kids w/me ??????

8:00 I see the same two yearlings that Elizabeth and I saw the evening before.

Then nothing till 10:00 when I'm getting ready to get down & do some chores... As I'm getting ready to get down, I notice movement... I quickly glass it & its a little spike.. Oh well :)

Evening Hunt.

Going to try the bean field this evening. So I head off to my brothers stand in the beanfield.. They have just cut the beans.. I walk to his stand, and his stand is not there :?: He says he didn't take it down, but for some reason I have it in the back of my mind, that I took it down for him? But what did I do with it?

If I didn't take it, someone else must have liked it well enough to take it :? I gotta figure out if I took it down or not :W:

Oh, and no deer ... But I heard motorcycles, 4 wheelers, some yahoo with plenty of pistol ammunition, ......
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