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Postby gtk » Sun Nov 30, 2008 6:54 pm

Hunted only in the evening.

Wind out of the West/North West about 14, cooold rain... About 42 degrees.

We let my brother hunt our tower stand, and Warren and I hit the bean field again. We were going to setup a popup blind, but stumbled across my brothers stand that I couldn't find the day before. Evidently someone else thought the stand would be better on the other side of the field... Neither my brother or I can remember moving it.. Regardless, someone has been hunting it, as there is a clear path cleared thru the leaves where they climb out of a ditch & to the stand.. Definitely coming from the subdivision behind the stand :twisted: :evil:

We saw no deer, but one very large bobcat snuck up on us, and was sniffing the ladder of the stand :shock: .. No way to get a shot..
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