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Postby gtk » Sat Dec 06, 2008 7:21 pm

Morning Hunt.
Wind out of the west.
27 degrees. COLD.

I hunt the stand in the woods. I put my nephew in my tower stand, although the wind was wrong, didn't have much of a choice. My brother hunted the bean field with his youngest.

I see a big bodied spike, and he walks off three times, and I call him back each time with a doe bleat :P . A deer snuck up behind me and winded me.

Spend from 11:00 - 1:00 putting up posted signs & a ground blind.

Evening Hunt
Only one nephew, Tucker, goes back. Wind still out of the west, so I put Tucker in a ground blind we put up earlier in the day. I hunt two hundred yards away, behind him overlooking a road. Neither of us see anything till right at dark (5:05 ish).. I see a good buck.. I can make horns out at 150 yards, and the deer is doing a quick trot right to tucker... So I call him and tell him to get ready and look to his right.

I sit there with binoculars, and watch the deer walk right by him, 35 yards.. Its a chip shot, but it never happens. I call him back, and tell him to SHOOT NOW.. He never saw the deer :cry:

Oh well, thats hunting ...
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