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Postby gtk » Wed Dec 10, 2008 8:40 am

Winds out of the SSE, mid 30's in the a.m.

Morning Hunt
Pretty much uneventful. About 8:00 I see two ?? cross an opening, looked to be smaller does.

About 10:00 I see the same two button bucks i've been seeing all season. I hunt till 11:45 before getting down.

Evening Hunt
I get back into the stand about 3:45 ish. Its warm, and windy. Winds SSE about 10-14mph.

I don't see a thing, till right at dark. A big bodied deer crossed a bushhogged trail about 100 yards upwind of me. I make two doe bleats with my grunt call, then a buck grunt. This deer comes running straight for me, and the closer he gets I can tell he is a good one.

The deer closes the distance quick, and at 30 yards he still has offered me a shot. I do not want to shoot him coming straight at me (been there, done that).

I keep the 45-70 right on him, and finally he turns ever so slight. Cross hairs midways on his shoulder and low, pull the trigger, and his front end goes down. He bulldozes out of sight into a big thicket of cattails & briars.

I wait 10 minutes or so, calm down and go look for him. Its gotten so dark I can't find hair or blood. I leave & go get a flashlight, yet still can't find hair/blood. These weeds are head-high, so I just start making 1/2 circles. Finally, I can smell him, and keep doing half circles about 5 yards apart. A couple more half circles & I find him.

Neck about 22"
18 3/4" Inside Spread.
I'll be anxious to pull his jaw & see how old he is.

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