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Another wet one

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Another wet one

Postby glenn » Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:11 pm

The rain slacked off late this afternoon, so about 4:30 we headed to the woods again. We might have gotten in an hour before the sky opened back up and dumped some more serious rain on us. It was a fun hour though. We brought out 9, let 2 get away and had a couple we never saw. This was by far Shiloh's best performance. She was working like a machine today. I'm sure she will make me look like an idiot the first time someone else goes with us, but I am tickled to death right now.

She did make me mad one time though. She treed and by the time we got to where we could see her, she would bark on one tree for a while, then run to another tree beside it and bark. She was going back and forth as we walked up. We killed one out of each tree though. I know that's probably not how she is supposed to do it, but I couldn't fuss at her for that. We were in such a rush to get through with them I forgot to take pictures. I have to learn to make myself do that. I've never been a picture person.
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