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Critters Having Lunch At My Place

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Critters Having Lunch At My Place

Postby FireCloud » Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:18 am

Its a regular zoo around my place some days. Today at least four squirrels like these two were having lunch under my oak trees.

- 415.jpg

They were joined by this young rabbit plus a large number of common birds.

- 424.jpg

There are more than a dozen oaks clustered within a small area that produce tons of acorns. Deer, squirrel, turkeys, raccoons, and song birds are all regular visitors to this cluster of oaks year round. Many other wildlife species, like rabbits, possums, snakes, hawks, owls, chipmunks, and other critters also frequent this spot, possibly simply because the presence of the many other forest animals attracts them.

One key thing that seems to attract all these critters is keeping a regularly mowed clearing under the oaks. The easy access to dig for acorns, insects, etc. and the young, tender new shoots of vegatation strongly attracts the animals. If you have a few producing oaks clustered in your hunting area, try creating a clearing that you mow at least once per month. I think you will be notice a big difference in the amount and variety of wildlife attracted to the area when you "improve" a bit on nature and make it eaiser for the animals to enjoy a free meal.
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