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22 Rifle

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22 Rifle

Postby Honey Bee » Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:49 pm

I bought a Mossberg 22.cal 702 Plinkster hope its going to make a good squirrel gun going to try my luck any way
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Re: 22 Rifle

Postby huntall » Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:15 pm

I dont know anything about that gun ,but I love 22 shooting! The Rugar 10/22 riffle is great. (good luck)
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Re: 22 Rifle

Postby dustygoodson » Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:57 pm

good luck with it :thumbsup:
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Re: 22 Rifle

Postby Bullie » Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:15 pm

Honey Bee wrote:I bought a Mossberg 22.cal 702 Plinkster hope its going to make a good squirrel gun going to try my luck any way

My dad bought one of those a few months back. He said something to me about sighting it in this past weekend.
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Re: 22 Rifle

Postby jv » Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:47 pm

HoneyBee you put a scope on it yet or did it come with one?

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Re: 22 Rifle

Postby FireCloud » Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:52 pm

Honeybee, the gun may not have the best accuracy on the market but then again few semi-auto 22's really do. If it were mine, I would put a decent 3 x 9 scope on it, sight it in correctly at 25 or 50 yards, depending on where you might be hunting, and test several types of 22 ammo in it to see what feeds well and shoots the best groups. If you can get it to group in a 1" circle at your sighted in distance, then you should be ready to pop squirrels by the dozens!! I sincerely hope the gun does work well for you.

But if the gun simply does not group well or jams a lot when feeding the ammo, I would not put up with the frustration that comes from a gun that just does not perform as it should. If that does happen, I'd take the scope off, sell the gun for what I could get for it, and buy a better 22. There is nothing more annoying than having a gun misfire because it did not feed a bullet into the chamber when you have a squirrel dead in the crosshairs. Or to have the bullet miss simply because the gun just does not shoot accurately enough. watching the squirrel run off laughing is not much fun!

I am addicted to hunting squirrels with my 22 and love knocking the critters off a limb. You will have a blast doing it too, I am sure! I shoot a Winchester Wildcat 22, which is a bolt action single shot and it is extremely accurate. Being a bolt action, it will handle just about any kind of ammo from shorts to long rifle without jamming. It also can be disassembled for easy field cleaning, when needed. That gun and scope combo costs me about $400, tax included.

I'd like to share a suggested ammo with you that I use on all sorts of small game like squirrels and rabbits. It is CCI ammo, known as 22 Conical Ball Long Rifle. They also make the exact same bullet in 22 short, but do not try shorts in your auto as they will not likely work. This bullet is a "low noise" bullet with a 29 grain round nosed lead cartridge. It shoots at 710 feet per second, which is Well under the sound barrier, so there is no "crack" when the bullet breaks the sound barrier like with hi-velocity 22 shells. It simply never travels fast enough, and thus makes very little noise. I have shot at squirrels and had other squirrels in the area simply ignore the noise and keep on feeding allowing you to sometimes shoot more than one squirrel without them all disappearing. This bullet may not cycle in your gun, but if it does, it is one you will probably come to love using. Of course, it works fine in any bolt action rifle.

The bullet has plenty of power to kill a squirrel or rabbit. I always aim for the head, or if not available, for the upper third of the torso, usually by aiming directly at the top of the shoulder. This bullet does NOT expand at all. It simply punches a hole completely through the animal which looks like you used a paper punch. Thus, it destroys less meat than any other bullet I have ever used but it will get the job done if you can hit accurately where you aim.

Hope you have fun shooting the tree rats!
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