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End of season hunt

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End of season hunt

Postby Bullie » Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:15 pm

David (Davesmtncurs), Ray, and I took Dot, Jiggs, and Cash out yesterday morning and looked at some pretty woods. [:D] Not many squirrels though. Dot and Jiggs both treed 2 that we got out to them with Cash backing them up a couple of times. We looked at lots of trees with holes. Cash has not been out with other dogs too much and was a bit excited. He is doing by himself though.

We went back to the camp to rest and have some lunch. I whipped up a little spaghetti and we had garlic cheeze bread and very low calorie salad (forgot the dressing). It was a good meal though and made us a bit sleepy. Dave even too a little nap.

Dave and I went back to the woods with just Jiggs yesterday afternoon as Dot was kinda pooped. Jiggs made 14 trees, we saw 11 of them and got 10 down to her. We had a good time and it was a beautiful day.


It has been a great season. I am blessed with some really awesome friends and I am loooking forward to next season already. Lets do some cooking and eating soon. Crawfish time is coming on fast.
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Re: End of season hunt

Postby FireCloud » Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:04 am

Congrats on a great hunt to end the season. I ended my season this evening when driving into my driveway I noticed a squirrel dart behind a limb in one of the twelve oaks in my yard. I strolled inside without even glancing toward the squirrel, knowing full well the squirrel would merely resume digging up nuts after I disappeared.

I got my rifle, slowly and silently eased the side door open a wee bit, and sat on a handy paint bucket I keep by the door for this purpose. I could only see the squirrel's tail flicking from behind a limb in one of the oaks at the edge of the woodline. In a couple minutes however the squirrel headed down the tree and started foraging for acorns in the leaves. I did not have a good shot so I waited another minute or two until he went back up the tree with a nut to eat. I had a great shot with his back to me at about 20 yards. I center the crosshairs between his shoulders and touched off a round. The shot was perfect and he fell like a rock, dying almost as soon as he hit the ground.

I really enjoy knocking those little tree rats off a limb. So putting this one last squirrel in the cookpot for tomorrow's dinner is a great way to end the season.
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