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Bullie's QSMA Forum

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Bullie's QSMA Forum

Postby Nogocyclist » Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:51 pm

Bullie do you ever check up on your Forum?

It sure has been very quiet over on http://bulliesqsma.proboards.com/ :nono:
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Re: Bullie's QSMA Forum

Postby gtk » Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:17 am

bullie is a busy man.. miss carla has him hopping
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Re: Bullie's QSMA Forum

Postby Bullie » Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:56 am

I honestly didn't know it was still there. I assumed it died when VAHunter decided to pull the plug on the the site GTK was putting up for us. I can't log into it on a school computer. I got on with my phone but I am not smart enough to navigate around on it. I will look things over again when I get home. I don't know if I should try to break it out of the moth balls or not.
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