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3000+ Arrows Flung - 2,000 To Go

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3000+ Arrows Flung - 2,000 To Go

Postby FireCloud » Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:52 pm

Since starting practice for this bow season on July 11, I estimate I have flung at least 3,000 arrows so far at my target. Both the target and the arrows are suffering greatly but I can't stop now. Got to ramp up the pace over the next four weeks and fling at least 2,000 more before opening day. I am relatively satisfied with my shooting with target points. Here is a photo of one of the groups I shot at 25 yards, showing the best 3 of 6 arrows flung at the smaller broadhead side of the target just to make it more challenging.

- 574.jpg

I began my transition to shooting broadheads today instead of the target points. I am trying a different fixed blade head made by Steel Force this season. It's a stainless steel head with a more accute angle than Muzzy or Magnus and it has serrated edges on the main broadhead. PLus it has a two blade bleeder insert. I really like this broad head!! it penetrates the target well and pulls out easily. It also appears to be a VERY solid broadhead that can take a lot of abuse without any problems.

However, the drawback is that, like most all fixed blade heads, it really drops a lot in flight. Anyone can say what they want, but a 100 grain fixed blade broadhead DOES NOT impact the same point that a 100 grain target point will hit when mounted on the same shaft and shot from the same bow at the same distance. If I shot this broadhead holding at the exact same spot where I shot the above three arrow group, this broadhead would drop completely below the target. I do not like that part at all.

Last year I experimented with shooting Grim Reaper mechanical broadheads from my traditional recurve just to see what would be the results. While I did harvest one doe using the mechanical heads and they did an awesome job producing a great blood trail, overall they simply do not have the penetration power needed when shot from a traditional bow. But, the mechanical heads really spoiled me because they truly do fly just like the target points and do not drop like a rock. No wonder the compound shooters do so well! They never have to compensate for the poor flight characteristics of a fixed blade head.

Just curious if anyone else on this forum has had any experiences with the Steel Force broadheads....good or bad? If so, please let me know what you think of them.
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Re: 3000+ Arrows Flung - 2,000 To Go

Postby BIGERN76 » Fri Sep 03, 2010 10:10 pm

Sorry I don't have any experience with that broadhead. I did manage to bust one of my cedar arrows and ruin the fletching. I was shooting at 20 yds and let one get away from me. :oops: I shoot the Zwickey 2 blades 125 gr. and I know what you mean about lots of drop.
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Re: 3000+ Arrows Flung - 2,000 To Go

Postby mhn » Tue Sep 07, 2010 9:46 am

I know with wood (cedar) arrows if you turn the nock to the opposite side of the direction of the wood grain feathering down the shaft that helps broadheads fly better, not real sure what you can do for alluminum or carbon arrows.
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