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Steel Force Broadheads

PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:15 pm
by FireCloud
I think I have finally found the broadhead I have been looking for! What I have wanted is a fixed four bladed broadhead with large cutting area surface that will provide bone splitting power without bending, breaking, or backing out. The Steel Force broadheads I have been practicing with are delivering more than I ever expected, I am really impressed with just how tough this broadhead is. During my practice sessions I have been shooting my regular target arrow sequence and throwing in one identical arrow tipped with the same 100 grain weight Steel Force broadhead as my target points. I have been shooting the Steel Force with the bleeder blades inserted, just like I would be doing at a live deer. I have shot it dozens of times and it has held up to everything I have dished out to it. Here is proof of its bone splitting power.

- 002.jpg

This shot was made from 25 yards and hit the wooden leg of the end table holding my target block. (Ok, I should have held higher, but that is not the point here!) You have got to like a broadhead that split the wooden leg upwards about four inches in two places and penetrated completely through the leg. If the wood leg represents a deer's leg bone fairly well, and I think it does, this broadhead did not "glance off" the leg but just plowed right on into the bone. The damage to the leg indicates to me that my 50# traditional recurve produces more than enough kinetic energy, even at 25 yards, to deliver bone splitting power. The table leg is about two inches thick at the point of penetration which is much more than the thickness of a deer's rib bone, for instance. I feel the Steel Force broadhead would have busted a deer's rib bone wide open and kept on penetrating into the lungs!

If you look closely you will see the tip of the broadhead is not bent at all and the bleeder blades are well imbedded in the leg but still completely intact. After removing the broadhead from the leg, the damage it did was very apparent. Here is a photo of the leg after the broadhead was removed.

- 007.jpg

You may not be able to see the cuts made by the serrated blades and the bleeder blades but they were very evident in the leg. Even if a running deer had managed to break off this broadhead (not too easy with an A/C/C arrow) I believe the broadhead would have still removed a large chunck of bone in the process or would have remained inside the deer cutting with every step the deer made. I don't think this broadhead would have "let go" and backed out. I had to cut it out with needle nose pliers.

Finally, this arrow has been used in target practice for the past couple of weeks being shot many times. Even after busting through the leg today, when I removed it, there was no damage to the main broadhead at all. Only the bleeder blades were very slightly twisted due to the arrow rotation when it hit. The below photo shows the broadhead removed from the leg side by side with a brand new, never shot broadhead. See if you can tell any difference!

- 011.jpg

The one shot through the leg is on the left in this photo. All I will need to do is straighten the bleeder blade slightly with my needle nose pliers and keep on practicing with it. Many broadheads you would shoot would have twisted or broken blades, bent tips, or other problems that would require you to throw the broadhead away. You gotta love a broadhead that can handle this kind of abuse and still be ready to hunt with only a resharpening.

Re: Steel Force Broadheads

PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:50 pm
by saddaddykiller
uhoh daisy may better WATCH OUT

Re: Steel Force Broadheads

PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:07 pm
by FireCloud
saddaddykiller wrote:uhoh daisy may better WATCH OUT

The broadhead on the right has Daisy Mae's name on it. But if I shoot her, the stuff is going to hit the fan with about 20 female friends attaching me! They have all warned me not to shoot Daisy Mae. But being single for the past 19 years, I no longer pay any attention to anything a woman says and just do what I want to to do! :D