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Msdeer 2017 Bass Tournament Regulations

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:07 am
by terry08
The rules of the tournament shall be as follows.


1. The Tournament is open to any registered member of By signing into the tournament, you agree to post at least weekly on the site. This is our way of knowing you are still active. We reserve the right to remove any non active participants.


2. To be entered in the tournament. You must be signed in by March, 12th, 2017. The Tournament will begin on March, 15th, 2017.
You must provide your full name and State of residence. The Tournament will end on July, 1st 2017. At which time the winners will be announced.

Non Team Tournament:

3. This will be a one on one tournament. Not a team competition.

Eligible Waters And Fish:

The tournament is restricted to Large Mouth Bass Only.
You are not restricted to the waters of your State. You are free to fish waters outside your State of residence.

Posting Your Catch:

5. You are eligible to enter your catch every day. You are allowed only five fish per day.
You will need a set of hand held digital scales. The scales must read pounds and ounces, otherwise your catch won't be counted. You must submit a photo of the fish hanging on the scales, with weight clearly visible.


6. There shall be two prizes offered for adults.
1st place is for the highest combined weight entered. The prize will be a $ 50.00 gift card from Bass Pro Shop.
The second place prize is for the largest bass caught. The prize will be a $ 50.00 gift card from Bass Pro Shop.

All entered weights, shall be calculated by terry08, chadbragg, and jv. The weight shall be tallied and posted monthly with final weights being announced after July, 1st 2017.

Once the winners have been notified, you will need to send a private message stating the address to which you desire your prize to be sent.

Youth 16 and under:

7. Any youth, 16 and under. Is eligible to enter the tournament. A parent or sponsor, must be a registered member of the site. But does not have to be entered in the tournament.
This competition is for highest combined weight and largest fish caught.
The youth tournament will end on
July, 1st 2017
To enter, post parent or sponsors name, followed by the youths age.
Example: ( HoneyBee, Youths Age 14 )
There shall be three prizes awarded.
1st place $ 50.00 Bass Pro gift card for most combined weight caught.
2 nd place $ 50.00 for largest bass
3rd place $50.00 for second most combined weight caught.


8. This tournament has been approved by the admin of, but is not sanctioned by the admin or The admin, nor shall be liable for any prizes or awards implied in the above statement.
Terry Parrish, site user name ( terry08 ). Is the judge of the tournament,and shall be liable for the awarding of all prizes stated above.
Let it be known, that the admin reserves the right to cancel the tournament at any time he deems necessary, due to bickering, arguing, or dissension among the participants which he believes to be caused by the tournament.

Folks, you may have heard the saying, that all fishermen are liars, except you and me and sometimes I wonder about you.

Well, just like the deer contest, the tournament is all about bragging rights and having fun. The simple prizes are not worth being dishonest over.
I personally have never known a dishonest person on this wonderful site.
All we ask is everyone play by the rules and enjoy the great outdoors.
May the best angler win.

And yes, smack talk is always encouraged.

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Re: Msdeer 2017 Bass Tournament Regulations

PostPosted: Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:04 am
by terry08

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