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late start

late start

Postby TiteGrpR » Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:41 pm

Well im gettin off to a late start with this journal. Took 5 days off to hunt bowseason. Opening day i spooked several deer walking to the stand. Saw nothing that day. Sunday i hunted the same stand in the evening. Saw a coon. Monday afternoon a doe with two spotted fawns came right under me. I passed. Minutes later a lone doe came by offering me a decent shot at 30 yards. I missed, my arrow deflected off something i couldnt even see. She runs off just out of sight and blows and stomps at me for a minute. I thought i heard her walk off so i waited about an hour to get down to check my arrow just in case. As i ease over to the arrow the deer i thought was gone busts me and takes off. Couldnt find my arrow or any blood. Frustration sets in. Tues. I dont hunt.
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