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Postby Latimer_Firefighter » Tue Oct 18, 2011 7:20 pm

Pascagoula river wma
Afternoon hunt
Recently found out that a road they closed 3 years ago they opened to atv traffic only. I had an awesome spot at the end of this road. So I ran over to check it out and sure enough atv only. So I went home loaded up the 4 wheeler. Took a while but I found my old spot and it looked better than I remember. The skeeterzillas were aweful. Good thing I went and bought a thermocell today. Got set up and situated about 430. About 545 some squirrels behind me started going crazy so I knew somethin was about to happen. A few minutes later I heard a big slpash in the slough behind me. A big doe walked out and started feeding at 17 yards. Behind me where I couldn't get a shot. So I set my bow down and jus watched her. A few minutes later I heard another splash and jus had a feeling it was gunna be big boy so I got ready again. Ended up being a lil 3 point. They fed on away from me but never offering a shot. About 630 saw a doe and 2 fawns swim across an old gum pond. Great day in the swamp can't wait for tomorrow morning
ATTENTION: We now interupt this marrige to bring you HUNTING SEASON!!!!!!
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