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October 26-28, 2012

October 26-28, 2012

Postby Profiler999 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:08 am

Supposed to be cold or cooler and it was as predicted. Wind from the north about 5-15mph. However, in the woods, it was not bad at all. Took Dee Enroth as a guest. Adam was there as well.

On Friday night I sat in the Persimmon ladder and saw a few, about 15. Only very small bucks. Nothing in range and it was raining in spurts as well. Getting colder.

Saturday morning, sat in Royce's stand. You can't see much to the west due to trees, had one spike about 5 yards away. Nothing else. Temperature right around 40 degrees.

Saturday afternoon, sat in WoodFlat. Saw some bucks, nice 9 point about 4:00 along with a 6 point. Neither shooters but fun to watch. You can't see much from the left due to the popcorn tree grown up. I'll have to trim that next weekend. Around 5pm several deer in field and a doe was at about 44 yards. I shot her in spine and she dropped right there. As she was thrashing around, I climbed down and retrieved my arrow, as I could not find my knife. I reloaded with same arrow and put her down. A nice 8 or 9 point was at far left of the field, but vision was limited because of the popcorn tree. I had to climb down ladder to get a real good look but was no way to shoot at anything on that side. He wasn't a shooter anyway.

Sunday morning, I was a 8 point ladder, nothing happened until about 8am as I heard a buck behind me. A small six was directly down wind of me. I had my head turned around watching him, and he smelled me and ran off. As I was watching him, a doe and kid snorted about 5 yards in front of me and ran off while I had my head turned. Scared me to death. for the next 15 minutes I saw several other does etc. but no bucks and it all stopped. Left stand at 930 and headed back to gulfport.

Next weekend is youth hunt!
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