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Hey Terry

PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 6:47 am
by jv
Have you ever eat at MaMa Hamils restaurant in Madison, it's off 51 going toward Ridgeland on the right side of the can't see it from the road because it sets behind a little hill. It's a southern style all you can eat buffet and it usually stays pretty busy.

Re: Hey Terry

PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:49 am
by terry08
Jv, I've been eating there since Mr. Hamil used to cook and Mrs. Hamil, poured your tea. That was in the little log cabin as you turn in. Don't stop much anymore, it's generally to packed. Sherrie and I pulled in yesterday and the lot was full so we went on down to El Ranchito, which was our plan to begin with. Mama Hamils, does have great food though.

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Re: Hey Terry

PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:33 pm
by leepurvis
I went to school with Bob. They are all real good folks. Since I live in Desoto County now I don't get a chance to stop by there but I need to make time on my next trip to my folks.