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Pre-Season 2013

PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:09 pm
by LadyHunter
Blowing the dust of the journal, getting a pen out. Hoping to post more this season.

Currently the Farm Stands and the lease stands both need rain. It is very dry, way to dry to plant.
I took advantage of the dry and #1 son's offer of help to get a new food plot carved out. This one is in the pines right up the ridge from the creek bottom. Seems to be a good funnel area. The deer have already been in to take a look around. I have a ladder stand right off the plot overlooking the trail. I also got that stand up across the creek that I needed so bad last year.

I have trail cams out. Hogs in Doug's food plot. The creek stands have deer, does and some smaller bucks that I will let walk. Also seeing some nice ones that show potential.

Re: Pre-Season 2013

PostPosted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:42 pm
by LadyHunter
Got some much needed rain, got some bush hogging done both on the lease and on the farm. We added a small box stand to the new food plot to have a place for Doug to hunt and for us to take the kids. Also added a box stand back in the tree line on the best farm plot. Doug can no longer hunt from a ladder or climber and needs to be out of the weather. So all of that is done.

Got some does and bucks on the farm cam, one older buck that looks to be way past his prime, and a couple of nice young ones.

With bow season starting this coming week I am going to have to be very selective about does. On Thursday I saw two does and very very small fawns on the lease. One looked to be newborn, one of the smallest I have seen. So just like last year, I will have spotted fawns for the first of bow season.

I am pretty set for stands now and since the beavers are gone from the creek I have set up a creek crossing to hunt the stand on the other side. I will miss watching the beavers and the ducks this year though.