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The Chase Starts

PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:39 pm
by flipper
December 8 - I enjoyed my morning coffee and then picked up my gun to walk behind the house on the lease before church time. I peeped over the hill and saw a doe eating acorns. I made may way on around the base of the hill. When I looked again, there were 3 does and I could tell by their ear positions that they were listening for something.....behind them. They scattered and ran back into the woods and then I saw the rack. A medium size 8 point. Maybe he'll make it through the season. The does (or maybe some different ones) came back out in a few minutes. One came within easy bow range of me before finally getting a little spooked. I was on top of the hill now, looking down a steep bank. About 3 does ran across the bottom, the buck behind them..... The chase has started.
That evening, I went back to the hill. It started raining lightly. I don't have a stand in this spot, so I just stand there. The does started pouring out of the woods on the far hillside. At one point, there were at least 10. They angled down the hill and then seemed to get worried about something and went back up to the woods. All but 3. They stayed in the rain in the open field, and I stayed in the rain in the woods. It was getting dark, especially with the cloudiness. I scoped the does and realized that my scope had gotten all fogged up. I started trying to clean it off with my gloves, and then my fleece vest to no avail. Of course that's when the buck would show up. I couldn't tell anything about him. I just knew it was a buck because of the way he moved, his size, and the fact that he grunted and the does scattered. I could tell he had some antlers, but no details. After he disappeared, I used a little spit and got my scope cleared up, but light was really fading. A doe and fawn reappeared, and then the buck came back out from the top of the far hillside. I could tell he had a decent rack, but it was really too far away. Then he disappeared. Shooting time ended and I headed back to the house.

December 9 - I left to go hunt late, about 7:00am. As my husband drove us down the gravel road, 2 does ran across our 16 acre hay field. Behind them a nice looking buck ran. Gonna be a fun morning! I was let out at the hog farm gates. I made a long slow stalk through the remainder of the morning. During that time, I saw 3 bucks, 2 does and 1 unknown. I saw the bucks in different places as I made my walk. That's the fun thing about moving around slowly. The 3 bucks were all medium size, which really makes me wonder why I never see really nice large racked bucks. If I let the medium size ones walk, and I know most of my neighbors do, then where are the really big ones? I guess they move across the highway and on down a little bit where the folks are putting out about 20 bags of corn a week.......

December 10 - I got off work early and didn't have much time to hunt, so I did the usual trek over the hill behind the house. Nothing but does today. Ten in all, coming from different directions, but at one time, I had 6 within easy bow range all at the same time. It's amazing how sometimes they can smell me so easy, and then other times I seem to be scentless, despite using a ton of hairspray in the morning :batt

Re: The Chase Starts

PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 8:37 am
by flipper
December 16 - My favorite day to hunt. Seems like every year this is the day that the deer are running crazy. I walked from the house across the pastures to "the cattle crossing" at the big creek. A doe and fawn walked from where they stood on the creek bank as I passed by. Why they didn't run is beyond me. They eventually came out in the open bottom field that I was looking out over after I crossed the creek myself. They frost sparkled like diamonds in the sunlight that was starting to hit it. Another doe and fawn came out of the woods on the far side. They jumped and spun around in circles, probably because they were as happy to see the sun as I was. It has been cold and wet lately. That pair disappeared in to the sage and then reappeared near me, angling on into the thicket next to the creek. I turned to see another deer coming from the south. This was a buck with tiny forks at the ends of his small main beams. He got pretty close before scampering into the sage. I turned back around and saw a doe loping north on the opposite side of the creek. Not far behind was a small buck with a medium sized rack. I believe this may be one of the bucks that I got on camera back in the fall. It's kind of a deformed rack with about 3 points on one side and the other side like a crab claw. I couldn't shoot him because the horses and barn were beyond him. Couldn't get a good shot anyway. After all that action, I made my way slowly to the back bean field. As I entered the field I looked toward the creek and in the woods I could see deer running. They were running in circles, so I knew not only that they hadn't spotted me, but that there was probably a buck chasing. The action stopped........briefly. Four does/fawns walked through the woods near that spot and then I heard what sounded like someone trying to start a chain saw or weed eater. Then it sounded like a hog! I guess that is what a buck roar sounds like. Yep, there was the buck. As he chased, I eased my way through the sage to the top of the hill. They went back and forth from the woods to the field. Finally he quit chasing. I sat in my chair on the hill and watched him in the woods grazing for acorns. I decided not to shoot as he is just like so many others with just a medium sized rack. The main beams were nice, but just not much else there. Now here's where it gets crazy. I stood up to leave and went to ease away, not wanting to spook him. I stumbled over something, but didn't fall. I looked back to see if he was running, but didn't see him. I took another couple of steps and looked up and there was this small deer with a good sized rack, about a 19 inch spread with long tines, about 8 of 'em. He was chewing on some acorns looking straight ahead. I may have gasped. He turned and looked at me. I brought my gun up, took aim, and as I pulled the trigger, he ducked and ran. I missed. I looked anyway, but found no blood and no deer. Wish I could have seen him before I stood up from the chair. He'd be in the freezer now. Geez!........ So I started back to the house, making my way all the way back down to the gravel road where I saw an additional doe in the road, and another 4 in the woods. It was getting mighty warm, so I went home. That evening, I went to the hog farm stand and saw nothing but a million squirrels. Maybe I can get off early enough to do some afternoon hunts before the storms come in on Saturday.......