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Postby gtk » Sun Nov 27, 2011 8:44 pm

Hunted only the evening
North northwest wind about 10-15
40 degrees and a light rain
It rained all day and temp is dropping

Walking to the stand about 3:45, and knew I better pay attention. Almost made it to my stand when I saw antlers moving through the standing corn! I squatted down and raised my rifle. 1st impression was I should take him, but then second guessed myself.

I lowered my rifle and brought up my binocs. Studied him, and wished my son had wanted to go cause there would be no guessing. Then i thought if i didnt shoot then maybe he would show up for one of my nephews.

The more I looked the bigger he got, and I decided to go ahead and take him. Of course about 3 or 4 minutes had passed by now, and i guess his sixth sense had kicked in and he new something wasn't right. He immediately bolted. Kicked myself in the butt for waiting.

I texted my cousin to see if he was hunting, and he was. I told him I'd just seen a good one and should have shot. Then told him maybe one of the kids will get him... About the time I hit "send" I heard a shot. Turns out the deer has covered a lot of ground and ran by him, and he dropped him.

14" 9 point. Pics later.
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