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Postby LEGACY » Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:40 pm

Rush home from work get in the woods at 2:30 put my camera on the edge of a cut bean field where my other one was stolen, this time I lock it to a tree with a bear safe box and python cable. Its warm about 60 degrees but the wind is perfectly still, climb up in my stand that I have seen alot of deer out of this season, passed on a few small bucks already this gun season and missed a very nice buck during bow season in this stand.

3:00 settled in to my stand, decent 6-8 point bolts across field like he was shot out of a cannon. wonder if I spooked him coming in.

3:40 small 4 point works the edge of the field cruzen for does.

4:30 button buck walks straight down the trail I took to my stand, feeds directly under me, I almost bust out laughing watching him, he has no clue I am there, feeds on down the field and dissapears. I think to myself how that would never happen with a true trophey buck. Still a great afternoon hunt bucks are begining to show themselves and its fixing to get right in my neck of the woods.

I have a lot of confidence in this stand and probably hunt it to much but I see deer in it almost all the time even if they are small bucks and does, took a big doe about 130# in this stand two weeks earlier.

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