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2008-12-22 Coooooooold

2008-12-22 Coooooooold

Postby gtk » Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:49 pm

Got up at 5:30, temperature is 14 degrees, windchill 7 degrees. When I say its cold, i mean COLD.

Warren didn't want to get out of bed, so my nephew Tucker goes with me. We shove hand warmers in our gloves & boot warmers in our boots.

The door on my stand is froze shut and pops loud when I open it :?

I shake till about 7:45 and a big 4 or 5 point strolls out.. Not feeding, just on a mission somewhere..

I see nothing else and sit till 9:40. I get down and start the cold walk back to the shop, and while walking down a fence line, I hear footsteps on the other side.. Its so think you cant see. I squat down & doe bleat a couple times. I hear the deer jump the fence or go thru it , and I heard it when he did it.. So I get ready figuring he was coming. After 15 minutes of squatting on a bad knee, I had to stand. I stood up & took about 10 steps, and there he was, about 15 yards from me.. He had done the sneak up on me. Of course, he was out of there so quick I couldn't tell anything but that he was a mediocra buck.. And now a little wiser too :)

My nephew saw 4 does..

I was going back this afternoon, but after taking my kids Christmas shopping I was a little tired, so I laid down for an "hour" nap about 2:00. At 4:00 I woke up and couldn't get it together in time for an afternooon hunt...
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