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Postby gtk » Mon Dec 29, 2008 9:02 am

Didn't hunt the a.m.

My brother and I took his kids & sighted in their new deer rifles they got for Christmas. 5 shots each and they are shooting good at 100 yards. Finish up about 4:15 and make a mad dash to the stands.

Warren and I sit in my tower stand, and right at dark a long horn spike comes out. He's wanting to shoot and about that time I hear my brother fire off 3 rounds. I talk warren into waiting to see if a big one walks out, and we video the spike instead of shooting him.

My brother texts me and says he has shot at a pretty good one. So we get down & drive around to the bean field. Too muddy to drive all the way so we park & walk 1/2 a mile to where he is, and now its pitch black dark. We find a good puddle of blood, then spots, then nothing :cry: My cousin who heard us shoot shows up with a blood tracking light. We look for about an hour and still nothing. I don't have a hat on, and stick a big thorn in the top of my head. I'm bleeding worse than the deer now.

So I take off on what I think would be the deers direction of travel. I walk about 20 yards further and there he is. Its not as big as he thought, but still an older deer, and pretty good mass for a 5 point. Antler has similar characteristics as the big 9 I killed. He has gut shot the deer, and shot him in his front leg.

This was one of the worst gutting jobs I have ever done :?
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