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The Story Behind "A Hunt Above"

Information & Stories from the organization "A Hunt Above"

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The Story Behind "A Hunt Above"

Postby Smacko » Fri Feb 27, 2009 12:46 pm

Hello, my name is Michael Macko, but call me Mike. I started hunting when I was around 12 years old. My dad was not much of a hunter, but he taught me the ropes on fishing at an early age. My older brother took me squirrel hunting for my first hunting trip. I remember seeing my first squirrel in the woods and went chasing after it. I soon realized that I should have shot the squirrel, because he was much faster than me and gave me the slip. I still laugh about that to this day. Since then, I have tried to learn as much about hunting as I could. I have harvested many animals in my lifetime. I have taught my son how to hunt safely and ethically. He is now 19 and an avid hunter. My daughter is now starting to go with me hunting, and she is 11 years old. Both love to fish, and each started around the age of three for fishing. My wife is not much of a hunter except if it is at a mall. She loves to hunt for bargains.
I have seen smiles on many children faces after catching their first fish or shooting their first deer. About two years ago I had a dream to help needy children enjoy the thrills of hunting and fishing. I therefore established "A Hunt Above" ( www.ahuntabove.org ) . I believe that God wanted me to start this organization to help spread His Word, and to help children fulfill life long dreams of hunting or fishing. I have been all the way to Texas to Canada hunting different species of animals. I enjoy freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. I mainly hunt deer, hogs, ducks, and squirrels. I have hunted in the past bear, coyote, fox and turkey.
"A Hunt Above" is working on providing hunts for all types of animals. Also, we are working on more deep-sea fishing trips and freshwater fishing trips. We have many landowners who have offered a hunt or fishing trip on their property. We are currently looking to grow that number, so that we may provide many hunts for many children.
"A Hunt Above" is more than just a hunting organization: it is a chance for children who have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses and handicap children to have an enjoyable time, without the pressures of the real world. We don’t guarantee a harvest every time someone goes on a hunt nor do we guarantee a fish on a fishing trip. But, what we do guarantee is that this event in this child’s life will be a memorable one, which they can cherish for their whole life. We offer these hunts and fishing trips at no cost to the child or parents or guardian. No one on our staff recieves any money. We all do this from our hearts. All money raised goes towards making these wishes come true for these dear children.
If you could provide much need funding, or would like to provide sponsorship, or provide a hunting/fishing experience for a child, or provide a link on your web site to help spread the news about “A Hunt Above”, we would appreciate it. If you have any questions or concerns or suggestions feel free to contact me.
Mike Macko
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