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"Disposable" Game Cameras On Sale!

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"Disposable" Game Cameras On Sale!

Postby FireCloud » Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:37 pm

Wally World here in Jackson has its stock of Tasco 3 megapixel game cameras on sale right now for $50.00 each. I consider this to be a "disposable" game camera as it is cheap enough to use in situations where it may be subject to being removed by some helpful stranger. But you better hurry, as the sporting goods section is being stripped bare to the shelves by bargain hunters. It pays to call first before making a trip and have a clerk put one under the counter for you. Also, the least busy stores in lesser locations tend to have more of the units in stock.

The Tasco brand camera is made by Bushnell and is a basic, no frills white flash unit. Based on my experience this past year with a similar Bushnell brand model having the same basic boards, camera, and other internal parts, the whole unit may also fail after several months. Two have failed on me within the first year. That's why you need to consider these as "disposable" cameras and when they quit working, just chunk them in the garbage.

But if you don't want to leave a $500 Reconyx or similar high end model in the woods, this type camera might work for you. Also, you can buy ten of these for the price of one of the high end units. There are many situations where multiple cameras are very handy to have, such as doing camera survery work or simply monitoring crossings, trails, feeder locations, etc. Heck, you can even set one up at your entrance gate and see who is coming on your land when you are not around. If it gets stolen or destroyed, so what?

Also, the sale includes a lot of left over camo clothing at some very cheap prices. I saw a turkey vest with the fold up seat cushion for $15 that normally sells for about $50. There were lots of kids camo clothing items left too but most of the adult stuff has been pretty well picked over.

Finally, the store I visited was out of Deer Corn and does not expect to get any more in until next year as they are removing left over hunting merchandise to make way for the fishing season items. Another store my bowhunting partner checked had three bags left...make that two bags now.
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