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Here is another one for you Bullie

Small Game & Varmit hunting Talk

Here is another one for you Bullie

Postby jbullard1 » Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:27 pm

Bought new in 1980 or 81 by J2's grandfather at Pumphrey's Grocery on hwy 8 east of Houston Ms It remained new in box until J2 got old enough to handle it; he may have been in his teens before this little sweet rifle was fired
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Re: Here is another one for you Bullie

Postby Bullie » Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:36 pm

Nice little gun. Like the looks of it for sure.
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Re: Here is another one for you Bullie

Postby phildaddy » Sun Aug 21, 2011 6:53 am

That is nice. I wish I still owned all the old guns that has slipped through mine and my brothers hands. Back in the 50's when we were kids, it was nothing to see and own old single shot, bolt action, and lever action rifles. It just wasn't a big deal with few to no laws against them. You could buy, trade or sell at any hardware or general merchandise store. And how about this; kids were not forbid to trade or own a gun, matter of fact, encouraged to do so. Makes me want to cry sometimes.
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Re: Here is another one for you Bullie

Postby BeardsAndBones » Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:15 pm

That is nice right there.
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