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2001-11-24435 viewsThis is a deer I killed a few years ago. I was hunting an area with a lot of thick brush. I heard the deer grunt a couple of times but could not see him. He finally made an appearance as it was getting close to dark.
2000-12-09687 viewsGreg Phillips\'s big 8-point buck was taken in Hinds county in December 2000. He was the guest of a hunting buddy/friend and used his inline muzzleloader.

It weighed 255 lbs. and the antlers had an inside spread of 25 inches. This buck scored 131 on the Boone and Crockett.

2000-12-22193 views
2006-01-28427 viewsAnother Picture of the 160 inch nine with two kickers, Taken jan 28, 2006 with a muzzleloader from 140 yards. saw him the weekend before at dark while bow hunting and went back with a little more fire power

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2009-12-25826 viewsFirst buck with daughter, she's got the fever!55555
(7 votes)
kelly's Buck982 viewsThis big 10pt. and six other bucks has been on my Trail-cam since July this year,with only one taken with a bow. We believe he may be in the uper 130s Not bad for a old Tishomingo C.O. whitetail.. 55555
(10 votes)
2008-11-291457 viewskilled this 11 point deer while debating on getting out of the rain1 comments55555
(5 votes)
2007-11-243104 views168"
Wayne killed the buck Nov. 24, 2007 around 7:15 am. The deer was going back to a bedding cutover after feeding in white oaks all night. The buck was 20" inside, 25" mains and 12" G3's and weighed in at 204 lbs. He brought the rack by my house last night and it is a beauty. It does not have but 3"s of deductions. I am very glad he killed the deer he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.
(6 votes)

Last additions
2016-01-??28 viewsDustin McCain with a nice 8pt whitetail killed Jan 2016Jan 26, 2016
2016-01-??26 viewsDrakes 10pt
12 year old Drake McCain got this buck on his birthday weekend while hunting with his dad.
Jan 26, 2016
2015-12-1972 views9 Point (8 with a kicker) 20 7/8" Inside Spread
I killed this deer in Madison county on public land, he was on the trail of a doe. Shot him at 35 yards with a 12ga. slug. he ran about 40 yards and dropped.
Thank God for sending him my way.
Jan 08, 2016
2015-01-01111 viewsI killed this buck New Year's Day of the 2014-2015 hunting season in Grenada, MS. After seeing over 20 bucks in the 2 weeks I was down there I had yet to get a shooter buck to stop chasing long enough to have a shot. Finally after a long night of determining whether or not to go hunting that morning, me and a friend finally decided to go around 6:30 AM and finally getting in the stand around 7 AM. 8AM rolled around and this buck with a smaller buck come through a thicket and I took the shot. Rest is historyAug 28, 2015
2015-01-01100 viewsI killed this buck on New Year's Day 2014/2015 deer season with my 30-06. Aug 25, 2015
2015-01-??134 views14 point Killed in Calhoun County Jan 2015Jan 27, 2015
2015-01-17116 viewsKilled 1-17-15Jan 23, 2015
2015-01-02199 viewsOld 14
(North Leflore Co.)Wounded him last Sunday 12/28/14. Hit him low in the front shoulder/high leg. We looked all over woods Sunday evening with no sign. I left town early the next morning and was sick thinking of the wounded buck suffering because I made a poor shot. I got back in town Thursday January 2, 2015 around 10:00 at night and started looking for him the next morning. I walked about 2 miles and looked for any sign but found nothing. Fortunately , I remembered my son, Steele V, telling me he thought he saw a deer limping right at dark that Sunday evening. I went to that area again and headed 100 yards further south than i had previously looked and jumped him in a thicket 1/3 mile from where he was originally shot and I was lucky enough to complete the kill. Very lucky and grateful to find him 5 days later. I feel like my Late grandfather was helping me.
- See more at: http://www.ms-sportsman.com/lpca/index.php?section=reports&event=view&action=full_report&id=186848#sthash.TFJwxbmC.dpuf
1 commentsJan 15, 2015

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